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Aris Auto Center is an official North Carolina State Inspection Station. We also offer Pre-Purchase Inspections and a 39 Point Courtesy Check. So what ever is your need, we have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to help you.

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NC State Inspection Station

North Carolina is one of the states that every year you need to pass either an emissions and safety inspection or just a safety inspection. Either way here at Aris Auto Center we have the latest state inspection machine and can help you with both. Also thats a great opportunity to go through the 39 Point Courtesy Check so you will know everything thats going on with your vehicle.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a car is a one of the most important purchases in someones life for many reasons. So before you make that decision do your self a favor and have it inspected by an honest shop. Here at Aris Auto Center we will be glad to help you with your Pre-Purchase Inspection and give you the piece of mind that the car you are about to buy it doesn't have any problems, major or minor, and that its safe.

Pre-Trip Inspection

With more travellers opting for road trips over air travel, the highways again will be packed. It's going to be especially important for motorists to see and be seen. Two simple checks that will increase your chances of avoiding a vision-related crash involve wipers and lighting.

39 Point Courtesy Check

Car trouble, usually a result of neglecting preventive maintenance, brings an abrupt end to vacation plans. The situation usually means more than just a repair bill. It can involve towing charges, lodging and possibly a rental car. Add to that the cost of extra phone calls, meals and general inconvenience, and the ordeal becomes expensive. This scenario usually can be avoided with a pre-vacation inspection performed by a qualified automotive technician.
This "physical" for your automobile should address the following systems:

Emission Control
Steering / Suspension
Electrical and Ignition

In addition, the tech should evaluate engine performance, tires/wheels, A.C./heater/defroster, instruments/gauges, windshield wipers, horns/lights/mirrors, seat belts and the car's body, inside and out.

Not only can a 39 point inspection help reduce chances of costly and possibly dangerous road trouble, it also provides an opportunity to have repairs made at home, with one's own technician who knows the vehicle. Especially important, it provides peace of mind. While no inspection can guarantee a car's performance, it's comforting to know proper precautions were taken.